About Us


With over 35 years’ experience, Tahmoor Earth Boring Co has come across nearly every difficulty or ground type possible.

With this in mind TEBCO have developed our own style of augers and auger teeth to tackle virtually any problem you may come across.
All augers are custom made according to auger drive speed and torque, type of ground drilled etc.
By Customising augers to your machine it allows us to maximise the capacity of your machine.

The quality, effectiveness and cleaning ability of TEBCO Auger Range has set a new benchmark for the drilling industry.
These revolutionary designs guarantee a faster drilling operation and cleaner hole without the need for a separate cleaning bucket.

This in turn gives your business an edge on your competition.

· TEBCO Augers can dig through Clay, Earth, Concrete, Bitumen and Most fracturable rock.

· Auger Range suitable for 1-50 Tonne Machines

· Clay and Shale Bladed Augers (Patent Pending Design)

· Hard Rock Pick Augers

· Rock Coring Barrels

· Exploration Augers

· Continuous Flight Augers (CFA), Couplings, Rotary Joints

· Cleaning Buckets


An ever increasing range of wear parts are available. Many of which are patent pending designs. Call us for information of these great products.


As ground and rock is extremely abrasive augers exposed wear out.
TEBCO auger Repairs give you the opportunity to maximise auger life and cleaning ability

· With a new Tungsten grit system we can now hardface augers to ensure wear resistance and therefore minimise downtime.

All augers can be adapted to suit specific applications.