TEBCO products have been designed and manufactured to the highest of industry standards.
The products have been engineered to conform to the Australian Standards and customers can be assured of a robust and reliable product.
In the event of defect or failure TEBCO Warrants their products in accordance with the following Warranty provisions:
Warranty Terms:
(i) TEBCO warrants the product shall be free from defects of material or workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of delivery to the customer.
(ii) TEBCO may, at its sole discretion either replace or repair the product or any part thereof which may be defective.
(iii) This warranty is exclusively for the benefit of the named original customer and is not capable of being transferred or assigned.
(iv) The warranty shall apply to only TEBCO products fitted or installed by TEBCO or their approved installer’s.
Customer Responsibilities:
The warranty is subject to and conditional upon strict compliance by the customers with the following responsibilities:
(i) The customer shall notify TEBCO as soon as practicable of the claim or circumstances which may give rise to a claim.
(ii) The customer shall provide TEBCO with details of the claim together with any such other information reasonably required to determine the claim.
(iii) The customer will not continue to use the product once the defect is apparent.
(iv) The customer will be responsible for all freight costs.
(v) The customer will not repair or attempt to have repaired by any other party, the defect, without the prior approval in writing of TEBCO.
Warranty exclusions;
Not everything is covered by this warranty, The exclusions are:
(i) Any mechanical failure attributable to the failure to comply with the service requirements as required.
(ii) Any repairs required as a result of continued operation of the item once defect or fault has occurred (including loss of lubricants and coolant).
(iii) Damage attributable to impact or road traffic accident.
(iv) Any consequential loss, damage or liability incurred as result of a mechanical failure\(including personal liability).
(v) Any claim where damage to a covered component was caused by a non-covered
(vi) Any mechanical failure caused by misuse, neglect, abuse, negligence and/or lack of normal maintenance, improper servicing and/or any failure caused by the incorrect operation of the item generally, and/or in accordance with operations guide.
(vii) Any claim attributable to failure to follow the manufacturer’s operating guild lines or failure attributable to exceeding the manufacturers operating limitations.
(viii) Any claims where we have not been contacted prior to the commencement of repair or repairs where we have not issued a work authorization number.
(ix) Any claim where the repair has not been performed by us, unless authorized by us prior to claim.
(x) Any claim arising from a mechanical failure caused by unauthorized repairs.
(xi) Any mechanical failure attributed to a modification made, unless such modification has been endorsed by us in writing. Modified components must be disclosed on your warranty application and are expressly excluded from coverage.
(xii) Failure caused by corrosion, electrolysis or rust.
(xiii) Used for a purpose for which it was not specifically designed or intended by the