Optimise Your Drilling Experience

Auger Drills and Attachments

We specialise in:

  • Large diameter augers for quarries, surface mines and foundation piers
  • Custom made augers for any machine type
  • Custom made buckets
  • Auger drives
  • Consumables and wear parts for our augers and buckets

What is an auger?

An auger is a screw shaped device that is used to drill holes.

It consists of a long, spiral-shaped steel blade that is attached to an engine or drill rig. The auger is rotated as it is pushed into the ground, and the blades cut through soil and rock, digging a cylindrical hole. Due to the shape of the auger, the drill cuttings are extracted up through the spiral as it turns.

Auger drill rigs vary greatly in size and capacity from a manual handle for small home garden augers, through to massive machines specifically used for mining and piers.

Auger drilling rigs with the right auger can bore holes for any purpose. For example, holes can be drilled for concrete foundation piers in construction, planting bare root trees in your garden, or making post holes for fencing. Our products are industrial sized for foundation piers, construction purposes, and larger.