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Auger Drills and Attachments

Manufacturers of Augers and attachments for the foundation drilling industry. We are a family-owned and operated business from the Greater Sydney Region that have had 3 generations of experience literally in and on the ground in foundation piers!

We offer industrial, hand welded solutions to all your foundation drilling needs, whatever the size pier, machine or ground type you are confronted with all our products are built to the highest engineering standards, with quality being our first priority.

We specialise in:

  • Large diameter augers for quarries, surface mines and foundation piers
  • Custom made augers for any machine type
  • Custom made buckets
  • Auger drives
  • Consumables and wear parts for our augers and buckets

TEBCO is preceded by the experience of Tahmoor Earth Boring Co. For 35 years Tahmoor Earth Boring Company have been leaders in the field of foundation pier drilling for the commercial and domestic building market. Using this combined experience and knowledge we are now sharing our products with our contemporaries by offering drilling attachments and accessories that have been built specifically to their needs.

Our Vision is to be a trusted manufacturer of quality drilling and excavating equipment for the foundation drilling industry. Our Mission To share our knowledge and experience through offering products of the best quality to meet the needs of this industry.

What is an auger drill?

An auger drill is a screw shaped device that is used to drill holes.

It consists of a long, spiral-shaped steel blade that is attached to an engine or drill rig. The auger drill is rotated as it is pushed into the ground, and the blades cut through soil and rock, digging a cylindrical hole. Due to the shape of the auger, the drill cuttings are extracted up through the spiral as it turns.

Auger drill rigs vary greatly in size and capacity from a manual handle for small home garden augers, through to massive machines specifically used for mining and piers.

Auger drilling rigs with the right auger can bore holes for any purpose. For example, holes can be drilled for concrete foundation piers in construction, planting bare root trees in your garden, or making post holes for fencing. Our products are industrial sized for foundation piers, construction purposes and larger.





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Tebco manufactures the toughest Augers on earth! Their attachments are designed and built based on many years of hands on experience in the earthboring industry. Support #AussieManufacturing #Tebco
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