Auger Drilling In Foundation Placement


In construction, auger piles are frequently used as foundations for above-ground structures. Big concrete piles are used to support buildings and other infrastructure. Piles can be installed in part using an auger and excavator and in part using a concrete pump. Using earth auger drills are one drilling method for installing concrete building piles, post holes for fencing, soil sampling or other applications. Tebco specialises in larger auger drilling for building foundations and the like. This involves drilling through loose rock at minor depths using an auger drill bit. This particular method is useful in that it helps balance the load of construction in other deeper areas.

Auger drilling for foundation placement is an effective method in suburban and urban applications. The auger drilling process is usually free from noise and vibration which means there is little disturbance to residents or other structures close by construction sites. Other methods of installing foundations, like drive drilling, carry significant potential to disrupt urban sound levels and as such are not as desirable for engineers depending on the application.

How is an Auger drill used to install foundations?

On-site preparation and drilling are fairly simple processes during foundation installation. This is because auger drilling does not require large tubes (casings) in most circumstances. Instead, the drilling auger is hollow. This means that concrete can be pumped through the drilled hole in the middle of the auger following excavation of the earth or rock, when the drilling has reached the desired depth and all drill cuttings removed As concrete is pumped into the hole, the auger is pushed back up out of the hole where it can be unhooked from the excavator and stored for later use.

What Methods Are Available to drill holes for Foundations?

Depending on the application and drilling rig, there are a range of different methods which can complete your project on time and to budget. Tebco supplies a full range of auger attachments which can be used in most civil engineering applications. Enquire online or call us to enquire further for more information.

Continuous Flight Augering (CFA)

CFA is one of the most common methods used to drill holes during foundation installation. The CFA method works as is described in the paragraph above and utilises a hollow auger with a cutting edge of a custom length and width.

Front of Wall Augering

The front-of-wall (FOW) method is specifically used for auger drilling in confined spaces or right at the foundation of existing buildings.

Dual Headed Drilling

So-called dual-head drilling drives allow for simultaneous drilling and piping

Large Diameter augers

For large diameter holes, specialised large-diameter augers are used. These can be custom made for your project if required.

Other Methods

Vertical and horizontal drilling are used in many different civil and mining applications. Vertical and horizontal auger attachments can have their cutting edge customised for any number of ground types.

Telescopic vertical auger drills are used in areas where there is limited vertical room. Their construction allows construction workers to drill to great depths, even underneath buildings or underneath power lines.

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