CFA Augers

TEBCO CFA Augers are second-to-none in both quality and effectiveness. TEBCO use quality Australian made couplings to suit every application utilising skills learned through over 20 years of CFA drilling experience. TEBCO stock flights and standard couplings to minimise lead times and keep your project on track. As always, TEBCO augers are made to a high standard of quality and durability so that your equipment will withstand whatever you throw at it!

We stock HD4 & HD5 ‘soilmec-type’ couplings, but can quickly source different types to build the type of Continuous Flight Auger you require.  We have built CFA Augers with Bauer- style couplings, Soil-Mec style, Mait, Casagrande, so whatever style couplings you require give us a call to discuss your requirements.







Custom built 450 CFA Outlet



Mini CFA Augers Tebco






Mini CFA String



Triad & Dual Cut Rock Augers

TEBCO’s unique triad rock drilling system is becoming increasingly popular due to superior drilling ability and increased tool life. We customise every auger to suit your machine and application. Please contact us for a free quote and CAD drawing so you can be assured that the auger is exactly what you want.

The TRIAD series is a precision engineered auger designed and developed by TEBCO. The revolutionary design utilises three cutting edges to increase your drilling efficiency. The quality, drilling efficiency and increased consumable life, set a new benchmark for the rock and piling drilling industries, in fact, anywhere where ground types are a problem. The TRIAD is fast becoming our signature auger as the word spreads in drilling circles.

We have had instances of rigs being on site for days, drilling, drilling, drilling and getting nowhere. A recent example being a powerline site in the Greater Sydney district where an operator began drilling at 1:00pm and finished at 6:00pm, then began again at 6 am, the next day, our auger arrived onsite at 2:30pm and the hole had only reached a depth of 1400mm. The required depth was 3.8m, a TEBCO triad was fitted to the machine and within 40 minutes the operator had reached the 3.8m target, the only difference being the TEBCO triad! The results speak for themselves!

Dual and single flight rock and clay augers are also available to suit any application you require. These are built with the same care and quality that our customers expect from TEBCO.

Don’t buy a cheaply built auger that you will have to replace in a couple of months, buy a TEBCO auger that will serve you job after job!





750 Triad, made to suit LoDrill











600 General Purpose Auger









1200 Dual Rock Auger

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