Auger Safety: How To Stay Safe While Operating An Auger


Augers can pose some of the most deadly threats to personnel on construction sites. The rapidly spinning auger head can fling rocks, gravel and dirt.

Personnel close to the hole could encounter extracted which could cause serious injury. Indeed, according to Farmsafe, there are 1 death and 16 worker’s compensation claims each year resulting from auger use. There are an estimated 60 injuries that occur annually without being reported. Most of these are from crush injuries or amputation of limbs.

We have compiled the following guide to Auger safety for use by trained personnel operating in mining, on oil rigs or construction sites. Be sure to follow the procedures listed below to ensure you are prioritising safety and doing all you can do reduce harm at work.

Entrench the Auger on Solid Ground During Operation

One key facet of auger safety is making sure the drilling rig or other machinery that the auger is attached to is on solid ground during a job. Do not operate the drilling machinery on an angle or slope as this can cause overbalancing. Shallow angles or level ground are the safest operating position and will allow excavators with auger attachments to drill into the Earth without posing a safety concern to operators.

Part of securing the auger during operation involves checking that wire ropes used for raising and lowering the auger attachment are secured. This is done using swaged, socketed or splices eyes and thimbles. Also ensure winches are protected by the right guards to make certain that hands and other loose articles don’t get caught in winches.

Watch for overhead power lines and other nearby landmarks that could pose a risk of injury. Other pieces of equipment used on-site should be removed from the area surrounding the auger to ensure smooth operation and safety at all times.

It is essential that the operator ensure the auger is correctly attached to the drive motor.

Ensure Visible Safety Precautions Are Available

Display safety warnings in highly visible signage near the relevant moving parts of the auger. Emergency stop buttons, intake guards and other auger safety features should be visibly marked. Operating instructions should be clearly marked in a waterproof container for operators’ reference.

PPE gear of an appropriate quality needs to be provided to all staff required to operate an auger. Helmets, eye protection and ear protection must be provided. If you have lone workers operating an excavator with an auger attachment, equip them with the relevant safety equipment. Doing so ensures that they can communicate with HQ as necessary.

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