Augers and Auger Teeth Australia – Everything You Need To Know


Augers are some of the most useful mechanical components used in engineering. They’re not common property amongst most trades, and detailed explanations on-site can be lacking for those who are expected to use them, so we’ve put together the following guide for the young auger-equipped-machine operator to keep you up to speed.

What Are Augers?

Augers are simple tools used to bore holes in a variety of rock and earth materials. Augers range in size, and can be used to equip anything from cranes to drills to auger for excavator with the capacity to drill into the earth. Augers are used in a variety of tasks: from planting seeds on a farm to drilling post holes to installing foundations on a construction site. Augers are essential to any task that requires repetitive digging motions. They’re far more effective than a trowel or spade shovel and can save you a lot of time. Earth torque parts (augers) are essentially really large drill bits.

How Are Augers Used?

Earth-moving augers attach to excavators, tractors or cranes using a hex or powerhead connector. They can be rotated manually or attached to an internal combustion engine and rotated electrically. Helical screws rotate the earth and transport it upwards to the surface, around the entrance to the hole. Augers can also be attached to handheld battery-powered or electric drills for use in the garden. Augers use auger teeth at the point of contact between bit and earth to grip the dirt better during drilling.

Augers produce some kickback when they first connect with the ground. You may want to dig a small hole manually to provide extra friction for the first stages of drilling. Ensure your auger is standing upright before you turn on the power, with the tip placed exactly where you want the hole to be. Once the auger teeth have sunk into the earth, you don’t need to press very hard, the drill will do its job by itself. When you have reached the desired depth for your seed, bulb, post, power line, foundation or mining pipeline, simply turn off the tool and remove it from the hole.

Augers For Sale – Which do I buy?

Tebco Augers stock a range of augers for sale and auger teeth Australia.

  • CFA Augers are hollow and allow for concrete to be pumped into a hole after it’s drilled.
  • Rock augers are used when there is hard sediment in the earth that a regular auger can’t drill through.
  • Coring barrels are used on jobs where rock augers aren’t effective at drilling into really hard rock.
  • Triad augers are hyper efficient and use additional points of contact with the ground to achieve premium effectiveness.
  • Auger for excavator are used to attach an auger to excavator hardware. These can be custom-made to suit your hardware.

For all auger and auger teeth needs, contact Tebco Augers today for an experienced consult. We are the best in Australia and have many years’ experience servicing the mining, construction and urban planning sectors.