General Safety Considerations in Foundation Drilling


Hazard assessment and analysis is essential before starting a drilling and geotechnical project. Aside from the possible instability on and under the ground, the weight of people, trucks and equipment as well as their movement and vibration might result in a catastrophe if there were no safety precautions in place. General…

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Drilled Piers


Drilled piers are already common deep foundation systems for bridges, oil platforms, lighthouses and other structures with extremely heavy loads. With excellent base and side resistance plus good distribution of axial and lateral loads, this type of deep foundation system makes it ideal for heavy applications. Advantages and disadvantages of drilled…

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Auger Safety: How To Stay Safe While Operating An Auger


Augers can pose some of the most deadly threats to personnel on construction sites. The rapidly spinning auger head can fling rocks, gravel and dirt. Personnel close to the hole could encounter extracted which could cause serious injury. Indeed, according to Farmsafe, there are 1 death and 16 worker’s compensation claims…

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What is Pier Drilling? Advantages and FAQs


We can think of pier drilling as a form of targeted or confined excavation, which is very useful for sites with excavation constraints. This happens by using a targeted auger to penetrate the ground. The auger’s blades fill with ground material and then brought upwards and removed (the auger functions as…

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Excavator Rock Augers and Other Construction Industry Innovations


Geotechnical problems are some of the most common in the construction industry. To proceed with excavation before installing foundations or other structural components, engineers must be completely aware of the soil conditions. Soil conditions range from stiff to hard, lean to fat and clay with varying amounts of sand in it….

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Augers and Auger Teeth Australia – Everything You Need To Know


Augers are some of the most useful mechanical components used in engineering. They’re not common property amongst most trades, and detailed explanations on-site can be lacking for those who are expected to use them, so we’ve put together the following guide for the young auger-equipped-machine operator to keep you up to…

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