What is Geotechnical Drilling


Geotechnical drilling is a process used to evaluate rock and soil samples before commencing work on construction, mining or scientific projects. Depending on the qualities of these samples, engineers can plan bridge construction, highrise construction and tunnel construction, amongst a wide variety of other projects, appropriately. The characteristics of the rock…

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Auger Drilling In Foundation Placement


In construction, auger piles are frequently used as foundations for above-ground structures. Big concrete piles are used to support buildings and other infrastructure. Piles can be installed in part using an auger and excavator and in part using a concrete pump. Auger drilling is one method for installing concrete building piles…

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Common Auger-Related Terms and Definitions


To summarise a complex piece of machinery, an auger is a spiral-shaped tool which is attached to an excavator in order to drill holes in the ground and in hard and soft rock. The spiralling metal shaft with a blade at the end is called ‘flighting’. The flighting rotates to scrape…

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Drilling Techniques For Mining Exploration


The early stages of any mining operation need to be efficient, cost-effective and completed using high quality equipment. Locating lodes and deposits can be expensive if not done correctly and core samples can easily become contaminated if not extracted correctly, so be sure to read the following guide to drilling techniques…

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How Are Auger Drill Attachments Made?


Auger drill attachments are partly machine produced, partly forged and partly ground by hand. This guide covers the basic steps which are used in the production of auger drill attachments. There are two methods described below: one which is used in the production of hand-driven augers and one which is used…

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What To Know Before Buying An Auger


An auger is a drill attachment that is used for boring holes. An auger can technically be used for anything from DIY landscaping and digging post holes to excavating before placing foundations and drilling mining shafts. At Tebco Augers we supply large augers for use in the construction, infrastructure, civil and…

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