Choosing Your Mini Excavator Auger Drive


A mini excavator auger drive can make a very effective attachment to your equipment when you need to plant trees or fence posts or drill to install foundations. Before buying a mini excavator auger for sale, there are a few things you need to know before purchasing the equipment. Most importantly, you will need to know specifically what you are using the auger for and what features you need to complete the job.

The primary factors that impact a mini excavator auger drive’s efficacy are its drilling speed and torque. There are two varieties of hydraulic drive units: direct drive and planetary gear reduction. The former variant generally spin faster with less torque, while the latter tend to spin more slowly but provide more torque. It follows that direct drive augers are used in looser soil and planetary gear reduction are used to bore holes in hard rock.

Direct drive augers are useful in softer to moderate soil conditions, such as sand, dry material and light dirt. They enable the hole being dug to be cleaned out better. They are ideal for digging holes for posts, piers, poles or trees. 

In contrast, planetary augers are beneficial when digging into heavier ground surfaces such as rocky, coral or clay. They can deliver the power and force needed to dig in anchor applications and through other extreme ground conditions including rock, shale, clay and frost.

Following your decision regarding the type of mini excavator auger drive needed at your job site, you will need to make sure your host machine can support the auger. Augers require multi directional (two-way) auxiliary hydraulics and should be paired with a machine that has the correct auxiliary hydraulic and flow and pressure requirements. 

Selecting an auger bit is another important facet of any drilling work. Your auger bit needs to fit the required depth and diameter of the holes you will be digging as well as the ground conditions at your site. Manufacturers tend to offer auger bits in four varieties: light-duty, heavy-duty, tree and rock.

Light duty bits have fabricated digging heads with bolt on teeth and can be used in loamy soil with few rocks in it.

Heavy duty bits have drive in teeth and are used when the ground is heavier and full of rocks.

Tree augers contain two drill bits, one with a miniature diameter sitting below one with a larger diameter. They are used for drilling holes when trees need to be planted.

Rock bits are the toughest and are made for digging in solid rock and concrete.

After the auger specifications have been decided on, the only decision left to project managers is whether to rent or buy an auger. Contact Tebco for all mini excavator augers for sale in Sydney, New South Wales. Our high quality augers are suitable for a range of different applications and have been tried and tested by engineering crews across the state for over 15 years.

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