Common Auger-Related Terms and Definitions


To summarise a complex piece of machinery, an auger is a spiral-shaped tool which is attached to an excavator in order to drill holes in the ground and in hard and soft rock. The spiralling metal shaft with a blade at the end is called ‘flighting’. The flighting rotates to scrape away at the surface of the Earth and siphon out material from a hole. As the blade rotates, earth, rock and other sediment are passed up the spiral shape and out the hole at the top to form a pile at the surface of the entry point.

Types of Augers

Like most engineering equipment, there are several varieties of augers all of which serve a different application. Augers are designed for a multitude of drilling environments and each version is designed to work with specific materials, is of a unique size and is designed to be used at a certain depth. Augers can be called by many different names, power earth drills, grain augers, ice augers, soft rock augers and rock augers to name a few. Depending on the auger, a different machine is needed to power the flighting. Augers can be powered by an electric motor while attached to an excavator or tractor or worked by hand.

Auger Sizes

Augers come in all shapes and sizes and vary in diameter from 4 inches up to 3 metres. International auger classifications provide guidance on the appropriate application for any specific auger:

  • A-A-50501 – Auger machines, pipe and sewer cleaner; gasoline-engine-driven, trailer mounted.
  • A-A-52305 – Auger, earth, boom mounted.
  • A-A-59144 – Auger, earth, portable; hand-held two-man gasoline-engine-driven.

Auger Depth

An auger can drill between 3 and 95 feet. Depths exceeding 95 feet can be achieved with an auger extension rod.

Auger Applications

At the end of the day, regardless of their size and classification, augers are used for one thing: drilling holes. However, depending on their classification, augers can be used in one of several environments. Applications in the construction sector of the building industry include drilling holes for lamp posts, solar poles and foundations. Mining augers are used to tear into dirt and rock and set the stage for further excavation and construction of mine shafts. Finally, augers are used in farming to set fences and dig holes for sapling or other agricultural produce plantation. These machines are most useful when multiple holes of the same diameter need to be drilled. Augers must be used in the application they’re designed for, however, or they may suffer damage and cause damage to the site.

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