Excavator Rock Augers and Other Construction Industry Innovations


Geotechnical problems are some of the most common in the construction industry. To proceed with excavation before installing foundations or other structural components, engineers must be completely aware of the soil conditions. Soil conditions range from stiff to hard, lean to fat and clay with varying amounts of sand in it. Limestone and other varieties of stone may also be present. A construction site containing multiple varieties of sediment in the soil requires multiple foundations and support systems during excavation.

Stabilisation and protection of piers are the staples of a complex construction site. These precautions are necessary to keep excavation equipment steady during drilling and other processes. As drilling commences, the presence of hard rock soil conditions may lead to delays in excavation work which can be expensive. That is why the following innovations are so important in maintaining an efficient, timely construction site. 

Extended Excavator Attachments

These auger attachments include the ability to reconfigure existing augers when site conditions demand deeper drilling. An extended excavator attachment remains aligned with the excavator at all times and provides clean, even strokes during drilling. A 40ft micro pile can be installed using an excavator auger with an extension attachment. This operation only requires a single operator to drill a hole as deep as described.

Other excavator auger attachments can offer rock drilling at 360⁰ rotation. This can be augmented further by provision of an extra rotor which also enables the drill to drill at any angle of horizontal or vertical drilling. Such excavator attachments come with quick couplers which assist rapid attachments and change-out time. Quick couplers can utilised to increase the speed at which construction work is finished. They are compatible with any excavator, no matter the power supply type.

Mini Excavator Drill Attachments

The same effect as a high capacity excavator can easily be achieved with a 5 or 8 tonne mini excavator. Mini excavator attachments are equipped with the power to install rock bolts, micro piles and soil nails in areas that are difficult to access – like residential zones in highly dense areas. These attachments feature automatic stroke adjustment technology that brings full percussive power when engaged in drilling. Water, air and grout that is being excavated from the soil can easily be passed up the swivel during drilling.

Skid Steer Auger Excavator Attachment

The latest skid steer attachments for excavators are designed to perform high end applications with heavier augers, such as rock drilling, coring, mud and air rotary applications. These attachments include a cylinder and chain style feed system which exponentially increases the machine’s performance while drilling. Attachments are available that facilitate remote operation of augers attached to excavators. Skid steer auger excavator attachments come with a universal mounting plate that is compatible with any machine.