How Are Auger Drill Attachments Made?


Auger drill attachments are partly machine produced, partly forged and partly ground by hand. This guide covers the basic steps which are used in the production of auger drill attachments. There are two methods described below: one which is used in the production of hand-driven augers and one which is used to manufacture larger auger drill attachments seen in construction and mining.

Hand-Driven Augers

  1. To start with, steel bars are heated to 900 degrees Celsius. One end of the bar is then flattened with a power hammer. The result is a long, thin strip of metal attached to the end of a cylindrical shank.
  2. The modified bar is reheated and clamped into a twisting machine, which creates the spiral shape of the auger. This part of the process requires consistency above all else. To achieve this, the bar is reheated and repeatedly crimped in a toothed vice to keep the diameter of the auger consistent.
  3. Once the spiral flighting is finished, the tip of the bar is reheated then slammed with a drop hammer which causes the end point to take the shape of a die. Waste material is clipped away here and the basic screw shape remains. Thread is ground onto the guide screw using a ridged grinding wheel.
  4. The shank of the auger attachment is cut down to the right size on a lathe.
  5. The auger is then reheated before being plunged into cold oil.
  6. Finally, the auger is ground to a precise diameter and any deformities which have arisen during the process are removed. The inside of the flighting is smoothed out and the lips and spurs of the bit are sharpened on a grinding wheel.

Larger Automatic Augers

  1. The manufacturer cuts an appropriately sized circle out of plate steel.
  2. A hole is then cut in the middle of the circle and the plate is cut from inside to outside.
  3. The plate is then stretched upwards and downwards from the cut.
  4. This process is repeated until as many rotations are ready as are needed to make up the required length of the auger.
  5. The stretched circles (flighting) are then welded to an inside pipe and the lips and spurs of the bit are manufactured and sharpened using a grinding wheel.

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