How To Select The Right Auger Bit For Your Job


In the world of construction it can often be a complex task choosing the right equipment to use for your project. There are constantly new pieces of machinery available to buy, new processes demanded by engineers and new possibilities available as work commences in new locations. All of these innovations require ongoing knowledge building for anyone who works in the field. This is particularly the case with auger bits. There are several different variants and uses for them and the process of choosing the right auger bit must be clarified.

What Is An Auger Bit?

Auger bits, sometimes referred to as Earth drills, are typically used for ground drilling tasks, when installing fence posts, poles or foundations. Selecting the right auger for the material you’re drilling in is very important, but on a hegemonic scale, all auger bits perform the same task: precise digging and excavation. Despite the similarities, auger bits come in three different variants: earth, earth/rock and rock.

The Range of Attachments

Augers can be attached to a wide variety of machines, from 1.7 tonne mini excavators to 48 tonne rigs. As mentioned, they can be attached to excavators. They can also be attached to backhoes and loaders as well as drilling rigs and piling rigs. Bits come in a wide variety of sizes too: ranging from 300mm to 1200mm in diameter. 

Matching Ground Types To Auger Types

It’s crucial that you use the right tool for the job at hand, and this is particularly true when using augers to excavate at your job site. If you do not use the right auger for the job, you risk an inefficient process and could damage your equipment when work begins. In a best-case scenario, your job will simply take longer than had you selected the right auger bit for your drilling. 

The ground type you are digging in will determine the type of auger bit that is most appropriate for your job. Earth bits are meant for drilling through dirt. Rock bits are ideal for drilling into rock. Earth/rock auger bits can be used for a plethora of ground types, including: earth, shale, asphalt, permafrost and fracturable clay. All things considered, it is possible that you will come across multiple earth types while drilling. In this circumstance, it is perfectly appropriate to switch out one auger bit for another.

Choosing Auger Speeds

When choosing your bit, selecting the right speeds is of similar importance to choosing the right bit. Optimised drilling speeds will vary depending on the bit you select and the ground type you are drilling in. For example, if the operation uses an earth bit to drill into earth, then the optimum drilling speed is between 55-65 RPMs. If you are drilling into clay using an earth bit, the ideal RPM is lower: at 44-55 RPMs. When it comes to drilling into heavy rock, even using a rock earth bit will limit you to a rotating speed of 10-25 RPMs. 

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