Bored Pile Augers

Bored piles are high-capacity, cast-in-place elements constructed using a kelly bar and auger system. Whether installed as individual foundation elements, in a group, or as a retaining wall, Tebco has optimised bored pile auger solutions available today.

Bored pile augers are commonly used to drill room for foundations when the conditions of the ground are considered fair to good. When there is no threat of a shallow water table, soils are cohesive and rock and spoil removal is not problematic, bored pile augers are useful for drilling holes. Bored Pile augers drill into rock conditions and enhance the chances of minimising any sub ground movement.

Bored Pile augers are circular, and clean holes as they’re drilled. They allow holes to be filled with concrete and steel reinforced cages after drilling. The soil/rock is removed using specially designed drilling tools used in combination with bored pile augers. These tools include soil augers, rock augers, core barrels and clean-out buckets, which can reach a depth of up to 30m.