Bored Pile Augers

Tebco has a range of bored pile augers that can be tailored to meet specific project requirements. Contact us today for more information.

Bored piles are high-capacity, cast-in-place elements constructed using a kelly bar and auger system. Whether installed as individual foundation elements, in a group, or as a retaining wall, Tebco has optimised bored pile auger solutions available today.

Bored pile augers are commonly used to drill room for foundations when the conditions of the ground are considered fair to good. When there is no threat of a shallow water table, soils are cohesive and rock and spoil removal is not problematic, the bored piling process is useful for drilling holes. Bored Pile augers drill into rock conditions and enhance the chances of minimising any sub ground movement.

Bored Pile augers are circular, and clean holes as they’re drilled. They allow holes to be filled with concrete and steel reinforced cages after drilling. The soil/rock is removed using specially designed drilling tools used in combination with bored pile augers. These tools include soil augers, rock augers, core barrels and clean-out buckets, which can reach a depth of up to 30m.

Boring process and bored piling machine

The augers use a bored piling machine that is mounted onto the side of the structure to be built. The machine then drills a hole into the ground that is large enough for the augers to fit in and removes all soil, rock or any other material from within the hole. This process is repeated until the desired depth has been achieved. A drilling tool mounted on the auger then rotates and breaks up all soil, rock or material that stands in its way. Once the hole is cleared and drilled to the required depth, steel reinforced cages are inserted into the hole. Concrete is then poured around these cages to complete the foundation structure, giving it additional strength and stability. Bored pile construction techniques for reinforced concrete foundations are commonly used in geotechnical and civil engineering projects, and are well suited for heavy vertical loads such as bridges, transmission towers, large tanks and tall buildings, and are able to transmit high structural loads into the ground.

Bored pile augers are a cost-effective solution for foundation construction and provide the necessary strength to support the structure. They offer an efficient and reliable method of creating high capacity foundations with low environmental impacts and minimal disturbance to local sites or surrounding infrastructure. A continuous flight auger can get it done quickly, with minimal soil disturbance, and speed up the overall construction process.

Bored pile construction is versatile, which makes it a great solution for both small and large foundations. With the right tools and experienced personnel, bored pile augers are capable of constructing foundations in varied ground conditions with minimal environmental impact.