Continuous flight auger piles

  • Australian Made in our Picton NSW Workshops
  • Custom made for all ground conditions
  • Custom made for all machine types.
  • All components in stock for fast manufacture times.
  • Proven higher productivity and can drill harder rock with less consumable wear.
  • Specially shaped Concrete outlet to eliminate concrete blockages
  • Betek teeth on all products
  • Large range available for hire.
  • Soilmec, Cassagrande, Mait, Carrandina, Bauer and Emde Couplings in stock

TEBCO CFA Augers are second-to-none in both quality and effectiveness. TEBCO use quality Australian made couplings to suit every application utilising skills learned through over 20 years of CFA drilling experience. TEBCO stock flights and standard couplings to minimise lead times and keep your project on track.

We stock HD4 & HD5 ‘soilmec-type’ couplings.

Continuous flight auger piles (CFA) use a single continuous hollow stem auger. CFA piles are cast-in-place piles which are sometimes called auger cast piles. This means that a continuous pile can be cast or installed as they are being drilled. For example, once the auger reaches the desired depth, Concrete is injected under pressure through the hollow stem. At the same time, the continuous flight auger is removed from the ground. Once the auger is removed, A steel reinforcement cage can be inserted into the fluid concrete. This also means reinforcement cages can be made offsite.

Auger cast piles

Using this method, CFA piles can achieve pile depths of over 30 metres in depth, with low noise and negligable vibration, all without having an open hole. CFA piles can be installed quickly and with minimal disruption. The process also means that unlike conventional bored piles, temporary casings for the hole are not needed during the drilling process as the hollow stem of the auger provides this support instead. This is especially useful in soft rock, sand, gravel or unstable soil conditions.