Core Barrels

  • Australian Made in our Picton NSW Workshops
  • Custom made for all rock types
  • Custom made for all machine types.
  • All components in stock for fast manufacture times.
  • Proven higher productivity and can drill harder rock with less consumable wear.
  • Betek teeth on all products
  • Bisalloy wear strips
  • Large range available for hire.

For some applications such as bluestone, ryalite and granite, TEBCO core barrels are more efficient for pendulum-style borers. TEBCOre Barrels are set up by our experienced fabricators, with the cutting teeth at just the right angle for the most effective rock coring. Since they have less contact surface area, core barrels also produce less wear and tear on the borer. With such a wide range of core barrel sizes, we will have the right one for your machine whether it’s a small rig or a large one.

The teeth are easily replaceable and the quality hard facing on the outside of the barrel means your core barrel will remain operational for a long time. The lower barrel which holds the cutting teeth is strengthened even more to prevent any distortion, as always delivering top quality, effective drilling to make your job easier.

Thin Cutting Edge

Core barrels can excel where conventional augers and hammers fail. In many instances, core barrels can outperform other drilling methods such as augers and air hammers. The reason for this is that the teeth on a core barrel are much sharper and harder than those on an auger or hammer bit. Additionally, the cutting action of a core barrel is more effective at breaking up rock and clay.

A core barrel will also produce a much straighter and cleaner borehole than an auger or hammer. This is due to their thin cutting edge, and the fact that a core barrel will not “walk” or “jump” like an auger or hammer bit. As a result, you will spend less time having to ream out the borehole.

In many instances, core barrels can also drill through rock that an auger or hammer would not be able to penetrate. This is due to the fact that a core barrel will “crush” or “pulverize” the rock as it drills through it. As a result, you will be able to drill through rock that is too hard for an auger or hammer.

If you are looking for a drilling method that is more effective than an auger or hammer, then a core barrel may be the right choice for you.