Drilling Buckets 

Drilling buckets are essential tools used in the drilling industry for various applications such as drilling wells, pile foundation, and ground improvement. They come in different types and sizes to suit different drilling conditions and customer demand. Tebco drilling buckets are engineered to perform well in different soil conditions, including medium dense sand, dense sand, weak rock, and hard soil. 

Different Types of Tebco Drilling Buckets 

Tebco offers different types of Drilling Buckets to cater to customer demand. These include rock drilling buckets, cleaning buckets, and conical barrels. Rock Drilling Buckets are used for drilling through hard rock formations, whereas cleaning buckets are used to remove soil from holes after drilling. Conical barrels, on the other hand, are ideal for drilling in coarse gravel and other hard soil formations. 

Wear Protection for Tebco Drilling Buckets 

Tebco Drilling Buckets are designed to withstand the harsh drilling environment and are made from high-grade materials for durability. To ensure long-lasting use, they come with wear protection, which is an essential feature.

Accurate Positioning for Tebco Drilling Buckets 

Tebco Drilling Buckets come with accurate positioning features that ensure the drilling process is precise and efficient, this feature is essential for creating clean and straight holes with minimal deviation. The Drilling Buckets are fitted to suit the drill rigs for accurate positioning during the drilling process. 

Ventilation Hole for Tebco Drilling Buckets 

During drilling operations, ventilation is essential to prevent the accumulation of gases in the drilling hole. Tebco Drilling Buckets come with a ventilation hole that allows for the circulation of air during the drilling process, this feature enhances safety during drilling operations by reducing the risk of gas accumulation in the drilling hole. 

Automatic Opening Mechanism for Tebco Drilling Buckets 

Tebco Drilling Buckets come with an automatic opening mechanism that makes the emptying of soil much easier. The cleaning mechanism can intake a significant volume of soil when open, and the machine can be closed when full for removal purposes. This feature enhances the efficiency of the drilling process by reducing the time required for cleaning and emptying the Drilling Bucket. 

Manual Hand-Operated Tebco Drilling Buckets 

In addition to the automatic opening mechanism, Tebco Drilling Buckets can also be fitted with a manual hand-operated system for emptying soil after excavation. This feature provides an alternative for customers who prefer a more traditional method.


Contact Tebco for more information on the different types of drilling buckets available and how they can be tailored to suit your drilling needs.