Full Displacement Pile & Equipment

  • Australian Made in our Picton NSW Workshops
  • Custom made for machine torque and ground conditions
  • All components in stock for fast manufacture times.
  • Proven higher productivity with capacity to do rock sockets if required.
  • Betek teeth on all products
  • Soilmec, Cassagrande, Mait, Carrandina, Bauer and Emde Couplings in stock
  • Specially shaped Concrete outlet to eliminate concrete blockages

Full Displacement Piles are a variety of reinforced concrete pile that are built as drilling occurs. This technology combines the advantages of driven displacement piles and bored piles.

Drilling with a displacement system involves using the auger to drill a hole into the soil. Once the hole has been drilled, concrete is inserted into the hole as the auger is removed. Following this, steel reinforcements are pushed or vibrated into the hole in the cement.

Using full displacement piles tends to benefit the soil and leave greater surface room for reinforcements to be inserted. The drilling causes a horizontal displacement which creates a zone with a wider diameter.

The precondition for the successful deployment of full displacement piles are drilling rigs offering high levels of torque, downward thrust and retraction force, as well as a tall torsion-resistant drill mast.