We have the following in our hire fleet

  • Augers from 150 diameter up to 3m diameter.
  • Some CFA Augers available for hire.
  • Tremie pipes and rack
  • Core barrels from 450 to 1200 diameter
  • Large range of excavator auger drives – to suit 2 tonne to 45 tonne excavators
  • Extension bars
  • Belling tools (limited sizes)
  • Cleaning buckets all sizes

Tebco provides leases on high quality augers and other excavator attachments. We have been in business over twenty years and have a long list of happy customers who are satisfied with our mining and rock drilling products. Tebco only supplies high quality equipment and provides manufacturer’s warranties on all of our products.  If you’re looking for drill attachments or augers for use at your construction or mining site, contact us today for a free quote and free delivery on your rental auger.

We have a wide selection of auger products available for hire. Essentially, if you see something on our website that you like, it’s available for hire. Simply give us a ring and we’ll be more than happy to provide a quote for a rental auger. Our quotes are affordable and all of our products are insured, which leaves you in a good state of mind following rental of an auger from Tebco.

Need to dig holes for foundations, power lines, trees or other construction components? Tebco provides auger hire at competitive rates across Sydney. An auger excavator attachment is a drilling device with rotary blades that drills to create holes of a specific depth at your site. We have a range of drilling attachments that will suit a variety of applications. We currently have auger hire available for a range of situations. Our augers can drill through soil, rock and shale to ensure you can install the components you need, no matter the job.