Kelly Bars

  • Manufacture of interlocking and friction kellybars
  • Repairs and keysteel stock
  • 4140 high tensile Kelly bars in stock
  • All components in stock for short lead times
  • Custom made to suit your requirements

Kelly bars are components of drilling machinery that extend the depth at which an auger can drill. They employ a telescopic mechanism to save space during storage or transport. When fully extended, Kelly Bars provide an extension to an excavator that increases the depth of a drilling hole.

Tebco Kelly bars easily sustain the torque applied to the auger when drilling. Even collapsible Kelly bars can sustain the maximum amount of torque needed by your auger to drill to the depth required by project guidelines. This makes them safe to use even in situations requiring a lot of energy. The torque is transferred from the rotary drive to the drilling attachment.

The welding and manufacturing process of Tebco Kelly bars is by means of high quality materials and high quality manufacturing engineering. Our steel is provided with origin and quality certificates to guarantee long-life and reliability of the product after the manufacturing process.