• Dedicated welding bays for repairs and hardfacing.
  • Technogenia hardfacing available for extreme wear resistance

At Tebco, we perform repairs on all damaged or weathered augers. It’s simple, if your auger attachment is not quite performing to the standard it used to, bring it in to our welding bays for an inspection and professional repair job. We can smooth and polish all auger faces, and sharpen soil or rock cutting components to ensure optimum operating efficiency.

We can also protect your auger attachments for the long term using technogenia hardfacing processes. This protects your augers for the rest of their lives from wear and tear. Wear and tear may result from augers taking bites into hard rock or general damage sustained through everyday operation.

If any particular components are damaged, we have the manufacturing facilities needed to create replacements for you on the spot. We will then replace the busted component with our new variant for you. This allows you to get back on site as soon as possible and complete the task at hand.