Segmented Casings

  • Machining facility for screw type casing joint Machining.
  • In house steel rolling and processing for short lead-times
  • Double and single wall options available.
  • Casing Shoes and casing Drives available

Segmented casing is used as a temporary support structure for a bored piling system. It’s used when deeper, unstable soil conditions are present. Segmented casing is utilised during the drilling stage of construction and can be installed and extracted by using a drilling rig or an oscillator attached to an excavator rig. The casing is jiggled in by big vibrations as it penetrates the ground. The soil contained within shortly thereafter is removed by means of boring tools such as an auger or drilling buckets. Casing sections are joined using mechanical joints until the desired length is achieved.

During the concreting stage casings are withdrawn in joint segments. A piling rig and or oscillator can be used to extract segmented casings.

The Segmented casing method can be applied to foundation piles, secant pile and contiguous retaining walls.

Tebco’s segmented casings are made with either single or double wall thickness with rebar reinforcement for Maximum Torque. Contact us for all orders.