Rock Auger Teeth: Quality Comes First


Rock auger teeth are some of the most critical components of drilling equipment used in excavating rock and in foundation drilling. Most rock auger teeth can withstand the toughest conditions due to their high wear resistance. This is the reason most engineers choose rock auger teeth for tough ground conditions. High quality teeth are essential to ensure durability and a long lifespan. When choosing rock auger teeth it’s important to make certain that the product you’re buying is a right fit for the requirements of the job at hand. We list some of the benefits of choosing high quality rock auger teeth, like the products supplied by Tebco Australia.

Consistent Output When Drilling

A constant output is guaranteed when you choose high quality rock auger teeth. If your drilling parts are producing different levels of output, the sum of their parts will be inefficient and difficult to manage. Time management therefore becomes difficult because some parts will need to be swapped out before others. This can cause delays and mess with your available time allotment and overall project costs. Therefore, to maintain a consistent output on your drilling site, buy high quality rock auger teeth from the same supplier you bought the rest of your drilling apparatus from.

Versatility and Compatibility With Auger Apparatus

If you require a versatile apparatus, for example, when ground conditions vary within the one project, or from project to project, high quality rock auger teeth are an efficient option and will meet your needs. Rock auger teeth can be used in rocky soils, for instance, when performing foundation drilling. They can also be used in abrasive soil types and soft soil types.

When considering compatibility, engineers should maintain purchasing within the one brand. By employing consistency within your equipment supply chain, you ensure that you are well equipped for consistent progress on your dig. Tebco rock auger teeth are compatible with all Tebco auger drilling equipment and ensure best results.

The Cost of Maintaining An Auger

The expense associated with maintaining an auger can be minimised by choosing high-quality auger teeth. Auger teeth are exposed to some of the largest forces within a drilling site and yours will undergo much wear and tear before the job is completed. This is particularly true during foundation drilling. If you use high grade teeth with a body of hardened steel and tipped with carbide teeth, then your parts will experience a longer life cycle and your maintenance costs will be kept to a minimum.

Overall Auger Durability

If you choose to save on costs by using sub-premium rock auger teeth, the lifespan of your other components will suffer. If rock segments and soil is not broken down completely by auger teeth then it may cause damage to your auger as it is funneled to the surface of the dig site. Similarly, if auger teeth are unable to break down rock, then engine components may experience stress and sustain damage. By using high-quality auger teeth made from premium raw materials you ensure your equipment durability is long-lasting.

Tebco Supplies Rock Auger Teeth

If you are looking for rock auger teeth to use in your construction, mining, civil or infrastructure project, just call Tebco today to place an order. We have a vast selection of high quality rock auger teeth available for sale. Check out our online store, call us on (02) 4677 2649 or reach out via our contact page to ask any questions about our auger teeth or to place an order for our products today.