The Method of Installing Pile Foundations


Pile foundations are defined as a series of columns constructed or inserted into the ground to transmit loads to a lower level of subsoil. A pile is a long cylinder made up of a strong material, such as concrete. Piles transfer the loads from structures to hard strata, rocks, or soil with high bearing capacity. Pile foundation installation involves boring using a mechanical auger.

Drilling pile holes is usually done with equipment comprised of a mobile base carrier fitted with a hollow stemmed flight auger. The auger is rotated into the ground to a depth the height of the piling. A top mounted rotary hydraulic motor which runs on a carrier attached to the mast. Concrete is pushed through the hollow stem of the auger as it is withdrawn from the ground.

During this process, it is important to match the rotation of the auger with the flow of concrete. Doing so avoids the collapse of sides of the hole above the concrete. For successful operation of bored pile augers, the soil must be reasonably clear of tree roots, rubble, cobbles, and boulders too.

This method is most effective on soft ground and enables engineers to install a variety of bored piles of various diameters that can penetrate a multitude of soil conditions. Bored piles effectively increase the breadth of foundations and their horizonal load bearing capacity.

Pile foundations are used when the upper soil layers are too weak to support the load transmitted by a superstructure. They are also used when bedrock is not encountered at a shallow enough depth. In this latter instance piles are used to gradually transmit the load to the earth. Piles are used in the foundations of some structures, such as transmission towers, offshore platforms, and basement mats below the water table. Bridges and piers are too usually constructed over pile foundations.

Here at TEBCO we use our expertise and knowledge in foundation pier drilling gained from our more than 35 years of experience and history to provide custom-made augers, buckets, drives and other tools and attachments for pile foundation boring. The solution is always tailored according to the requirements of the site. This way, the drilling and excavating equipment will help speed up building the foundation and save on costs overall.