What To Know Before Buying An Auger


An auger is a drill attachment that is used for boring holes. An auger can technically be used for anything from DIY landscaping and digging post holes to excavating before placing foundations and drilling mining shafts. At Tebco Augers we supply large augers for use in the construction, infrastructure, civil and mining sectors. Our augers can be mounted on mini excavators and excavators to help drill holes of medium to large diameter. We have materialised this following edition of our blog to help project managers and engineers ask the right questions before beginning on-site boring. We aim to provide information which helps you to prepare for drilling at your site before you begin work.

  1. Why Do You Need An Auger?

Before you buy an auger for your project, you need to know precisely why you are buying the equipment in the first place. You will need to know the purpose of the auger: the requirements of your site in terms of hole diameter and precisely which ground types you will be drilling in using the machinery. Augers are a significant investment, so if these variables are unknown then it can lead to large unnecessary expense in the acquisition phase of your civil or mining project.

  1. What Size Auger Do You Need?

There are several variations of hole size which you might need to account for in your purchase of an auger. If you are installing power lines, for instance, you may only need a small auger attachment. If you are opening a mining seam, then you will definitely need something with a little more capability. Tebco supplies augers for rent and purchase from 150mm to 3m in diameter.

  1. What Ground Types Will You Be Drilling In?

If you are drilling in earth, then an earth auger will suffice. If you are drilling in rock, then either a soft or hard rock auger attachment will suit your purpose effectively. If the ground is shale, asphalt, permafrost and clay, then an earth/rock auger bit can be used to drill through the ground.

  1. Does Your Project Require Additional Auger Equipment?

If you are undertaking civil or infrastructural construction, then you may need additional supporting equipment in order to finish your job properly. One example of such equipment is auger casings which can be used to temporarily or permanently reinforce pile holes. If your project requirements call for it, you may contact Tebco to purchase or rent temporary or permanent casings 3-4m wide and up to 40mm thick. 

Another example of supplementary equipment used along with auger attachments is drilling fluid. If you are drilling in hard rock, for example, then special lubrication called drilling fluid can assist you with this process. Drilling fluid moistens the rock exposed to an auger attachment and makes it easier for slurry to be excavated up the drill shaft to the surface. You may enquire at Tebco about drilling fluid if your project involves hard rock drilling.

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