TEBCO has spent the last two years developing a unique hydraulic driven auger drive. This has been developed with the operator in mind to provide efficient, powerful drilling with minimal downtime for maintenance. We are currently testing prototypes and are very excited that this brilliant product is nearing market release. Please contact us to register your interest and be added to our continually increasing waiting list.

auger-motorThe lighter model to suit 5 tonne excavators is nearly complete, with just some final tweaking on the outside shroud needed. This auger drive is truly revolutionary and there is nothing comparable on the market as it is a completely different concept to the current gear driven models available. You will be blown away, as the operators that have tested the drive have said already – “Hey man, you have got what I have been looking for, for years!” Steve – Owner Operator of IHI 5.5 tonne excavator. These drives are for the all-day every day operator who is serious about drilling and getting the most out of their machine.

We are also pleased to offer the Auger Torque range of Auger Drive Motors, there is an extensive range, of which this is just a sample. Once again we are able to offer these at very competitive prices, please give us a call to discuss your needs.